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Say goodbye to messy spills and hello to better cleanups!



Vomisorb is a type of absorbent product that is designed to clean up liquid spill, including those that are difficult to clean, such as vomit, urine, blood, etc.

Dual opening cap for sprinkling and free dispensing
Round, rigid container for comfortable grip while dispensing
Light weight, easy to carry pack
Refreshing Lemon Fragrance
Powdered product, light weighted to carry in hand bags
Simple, clean label with usage and disposal instructions


Being mother of 4-year-old who could throw even with a slight imbalance of anything edible that goes into his mouth, I can understand the terror that comes with every vomit. And another terror is cleaning the mess that a vomit creates. Doesn’t it involve series of operations like first cleaning with tissue / paper followed by disposable cloth followed by a wet mop? Huuuuuuh! Imagine doing all this in middle of night or early morning while getting kids ready for school. Well, we can’t treat the child since this is not a disease but a temporary phase. However, we can help in cleaning this mess in the least messy way possible ?? This is how this magic powder “VomiSorb” was born..


 Get rid of messy cleanups after your child vomits
 Avoid another round of vomit spurt due to the bad odour previous one left, especially in closed areas like car, bus
 A life savior if you are travelling with a child who has travel sickness
 A must product for closed areas where cleaning could be a big problem
 A must to keep at home if you have elderly patients
 A keep product for diaper bags, ladies’ handbags when travelling with infants
 There are helpers which help in cleaning but what about bad smell?
 A must to use product if you raise pets.


 Ease of dispensing
 Liquid mess quickly converts into gel (in less than a minute)
 No more bad odour
 Gelled waste is very easy to clean
 No need of wet wiping immediately, as the floor gets cleaned properly
 Simple broom or a dust pan is sufficient to pick the entire gelled waste
 Nice fragrance upon clean up
 Compact packaging so it is easy to carry in hand bag, diaper bag, car seats, car door pockets
 Not only vomit, but it is perfectly usable for urine, oil and other type of liquid spill

Markets We Serve

Schools, Play Schools
Travelling (School Bus, Cars)
Pet Care Shops, Vet Clinics
Home, Restaurants
Labs, Pharmacy
Metro, Railways, Airports, Airplanes

About Us

We at M/s Agarwal Chemicals manufactures quality products based out of different formulations for various uses. The products are powder based and one of them is Vomisorb.


I bought this product after hearing about it from a friend. Bought it amd tried. It's great product that cleans mess without much fuss and makes everyday life easier. Fragrance is second best part.!
Aditya Mittal

Product is amazing and hygienic. Earlier, It was full mess to clean liquids on floor but now with this powder Its superb easy, hygienic and clean. Go for it!

Gaurav Verma

Very easy to use. Clean up all the liquid mess quickly. Very useful when travelling with children and in hilly areas. It solidify the liquid to make it easy to clean with good fragrance.!

Avnish Singhal

This product is very intelligently made and it clears the spill-overs very quickly and it is very easy to clean after solidifying spill-overs. Great to have found this online!

Dr Pawan Kumar

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